Beppie Blankert

Beppie Blankert (1949) began her dancing carreer in 1969 working in several small dance companies in The Netherlands, in Denmark and in Wales (GB). She now works as a choreographer with her own touring company. The last decade her work toured The Netherlands, England, The United States and Canada.

Beppie Blankert always had a special relationship with music in her work as a dancer and as choreographer. Louis Andriessen, Harry de Wit, Henk van der Meulen, Steve Martland and Ron Ford have all composed new music for her.  The American composer Charles E. Ives inspired Blankert to study his music and his live. She made two evening lenght works with his music and says: "He looked over my shoulder". In the near future Beppie completes the Ives trilogy with the dance opera The Death of the Forest by Norman MacAfee. For  2005 she is preparing a new work on both Dumbarton Oak (Strawinski) and 3rd Brandenburger Concert (Bach).

Beppie Blankert about the collaboration between a composer and a choreographer: "Itís all about inspiration and respect: give each other space to create with respect for the other discipline."

Next to music, literature and visual arts are strong sources of inspiration, for instance: Italo Calvino in Thin Cities (1985), Samuel Beckett in Double Track (1986/1999), K. Schippers in Melodie (1988) and Collectie (1989), Homer and James Joyce in Odyssey (1995/1996), Francis Bacon in Letters, remember me (1987)and in LINK 1 (1998).