Volume 2

Charles Ives: "All the wrong notes are right. Just copy as I have. I want it that way."

Volume 2 foto © Marco Borggreve



The music and life of the American composer Charles Ives (1874-1954) is a rich source of inspiration for Beppie Blankert.

She made three dance concerts on his work: Charles, Ives and Volume 2.

Blankert: "I have always been fascinated by his music. Itís whimscale, naive, witty, complex and moving. It made me curious about Ives himself: this must have been a very enjoyable man".



Volume 2 premiered in 1994 and toured Europe and the US. The piece is made for eight dancers and large ensemble. In The Netherlands the music was played live by Cumbustion Chamber and in the US by The Relache Ensemble in Philadelphia and New York and by Noamnesia in Chicago.

In Volume 2 the music of Ives plays the central role. The choreography is based on the compositional contents of the music. The physical presence of musicians on stage makes the link between the dance and the music tangible.



Beppie Blankert about Volume 2: "I hope you can hear the music better by seeing the performance".


Volume 2, John Taylor and Dries van der Post

foto © Marco Borggreve


'With the insights of an outsider, Dutch choreographer Beppie Blankert has illuminated the work of this very American artist"

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times





" Using her research in Ives' compositional methods to base her choreographic processes, Blankert set movements and stagings in combination with the rich musical elements and complex layers of movement and gesture"

Gail Ogden, Lincoln Journal Star


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