Those who are curious discover the most beautiful and craziest things. Diamanda, Marcus and Yanna prove this in their search for the sound of the unknown. Trio Diamanda takes the audience on a musical journey through Bach's Goldberg Variations, the contemporary compositions of Garth Knox and the energetic melodies from the Irish Folk traditions.
Vreemde Streken is a physical concert in which the three musicians explore the boundaries of a poetic soundscape as true pioneers and allow musical worlds to merge with their instrument. Experimental and folk sounds, with a recognizable Bachian pattern as a foothold for the young listener. 



TRIO DIAMANDA is a classical string trio formed around rising star violinist Diamanda Dramm (Dutch Classical Talent 2018) with Yanna Pelser on viola and Marcus van den Munckhof on cello. All three musicians are characterized by an inquisitive attitude and exciting musical collaborations worldwide.

violin Diamanda La Berge Dramm
viola Yanna Pelser
cello Marcus van den Munckhof

Direction and Choreography Beppie Blankert

A production of Oorkaan
music for a young audience

Youth music group Oorkaan plays theatrical concerts with professional musicians for a young audience. Oorkaan allows as many small and large ears as possible to discover the infinite world of music. Classical music from around the world, past and present.
You look your ears out!

Musical advisor David Dramm
Costumes Sacha Zwiers
Set design Violette Schönberger
Lighting Design Kees van Zelst
dramaturgy Erin Coppens, Caecilia Thunnissen
tourtechnician Rob Touwslager




9 maart 2022
10 maart 2022 
15 maart 2022
17 maart 2022
21 maart 2022
22 maart 2022
5 april 2022
DRU Cultuurfabriek Ulft    
DRU Cultuurfabriek Ulft  
De Kring Roosendaal
CC Fidei et Arti Oudenbosch
Tiliander Cultuurcentrum Oisterwijk
Tiliander Cultuurcentrum Oisterwijk
Munttheater Weert